Advanced Dental Technology Port Orange

Making Dental Visits Smoother and More Streamlined

When it comes to modern dentistry, technology is an incredibly valuable ally. In our ongoing mission to provide patients in Port Orange with outstanding, life-altering dental care, we’ve outfitted our office with some of the latest and greatest dental instruments and equipment that’s available. To learn more about some of the technology that we can use to improve and maintain your dental wellness, continue reading below.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are not only a valuable diagnostic tool for our team, but an excellent educational tool for our patients as well. During your regular checkups, we can insert a camera-tipped wand into your mouth and start transmitting images right away to a TV screen in the room so that you can see exactly what’s going on with your oral health. Dr. Bannan can clearly point out any areas of damage and even explain the effects of certain treatment options so that you can feel confident about your upcoming care.

CT Scanner

While digital X-rays are an excellent diagnostic tool, they still leave a little something to be desired when it comes to comprehensive imaging. At Water’s Edge Dental, Dr. Bannan wants to ensure that there are no surprises when performing specialty treatment like dental implant placement, which is why he regularly utilizes revolutionary 3D Cone Beam technology. Now, our team can create three-dimensional, panoramic images of our patients’ smiles and related facial structures as well, mapping out even the smallest details like nerves. With this level of accuracy, we can maximize success and safety!

Digital Impression System

Traditionally, the process for taking dental impressions hasn’t always been easy or comfortable for patients, since it typically involves gooey, messy impression materials and a great deal of time and effort. Thankfully, we’re able to use our digital impression system to take incredibly precise impressions of your whole mouth and all of its structures. These can be viewed on a screen and used to accurately map out all types of treatment plans, often more quickly than usual.

Soft Tissue Laser

Lasers are quickly becoming the future of dentistry, and we’re happy to utilize them here in Port Orange for the benefit of our patients. Our soft tissue laser is able to precisely and comfortably treat the gums while minimizing bleeding, swelling, and other post-operative symptoms. You can look forward to an accelerated recovery period following treatment as well, and the laser will even encourage the growth of new, healthy tissue in the area.

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Cavity Detection System

Cavities are one of the most common oral health problems that patients will experience over the course of their lives, and Dr. Bannan strives to discover and treat them as early as possible. That’s why we use DIAGNOdent! This technology captures a baseline wavelength of healthy teeth and then compares it to the wavelength created while passing a laser over your unique smile. Any variations, even small ones located in hard-to-see areas, will be represented in the findings. This means that patients can undergo earlier treatment and maintain healthier tooth structure over time.

Digital Smile Design

Our digital imaging technology can give patients a sneak peek at what their smile will look like after various cosmetic procedures! All we need is a current photo of you with your teeth showing, and Dr. Bannan can alter the image to reveal the beautiful improvements of porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and more. We enjoy helping our patients feel 100% confident about undergoing treatment with our team here in Port Orange.